We are Solutions Focused.

Iconicity was born from the idea that problems exist in every business... however there is no point identifying a problem if there isn't a solution. Let us help you find a pathway to simplifying and automating your business systems.

We are a Salesforce Certified.

Want the confidence that you are dealing with a true professional?
This certification gives you the peace of mind that any of the staff that you deal with are fully qualified with Sales Force and we are certified Sales Force Administrators.

Our Simple 3 Step Formula

Our business is helping you solve business complexities in 3 simple steps.


Step 1: Systems Analysis

We work with you and your team to look at your business and software processes and help identify what improvements can be made.

Services we offer are:

  1. Free audit of your systems
  2. Full & half workshop days with your staff.
  3. Delivery of business requirements reports.
  4. Consultation and advice.


Step 2: Solution Implementation

Once the core opportunities for improvement are identified we will scope, plan and implement the changes needed to make your business streamlined.

Services we offer are:

  1. Implementation of business requirement documents.
  2. Custom programming
  3. Modifications to your Salesforce system.


Step 3: Ongoing Support

All our solutions come with a 12 month warranty and we also provide full on site and over the phone support once your solution is implemented.

Services we offer are:

  1. Warranty on selected work we perform.
  2. On site support in business hours.
  3. Email and phone support 24/7.

“Iconicity fixed problems I didn’t know we had and I was very impressed with the quality of their work. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Iconicity to anyone that wants to improve their business process.”

Tim McCann
General Manager
Rodenstock Australia

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