Never Miss Another Lead. Configure Salesforce to SMS your sales team the instant a new lead comes in. Here’s how…

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We recommend SMS global to our clients. It is a stand alone solution and you only pay for the SMS messages that you send. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee and you can use SMS global as a messaging solution from any system. You can even send SMS messages from Outlook or Gmail.

You can have this solution up and running within 15 minutes.

Step 1. Setup a trial account with SMS Global, you don’t need a credit card to get going. The nice folk at SMS Global will give you some credit for testing.

Step 2. Once you have some credit arranged select the option API & Integrations and then select email settings. Enter your “from” domain that Salesforce will use and click Update Settings.

Step 3. Open up Salesforce and navigate to the Settings menu. Expand Communication Templates and select Email Templates.

Step 4. Click “New Template” and choose Text as the type. Click Next and give the template a meaningful name such as “SMS Lead Alert”. Use the Tab key to auto-populate the unique name and enter a subject such as “New Lead”. Mark as Available.

Step 5. Build the body of the SMS message. Use the available merge fields to obtain the merge field value for Name, Phone, Mobile, Address.

Step 6. In settings quick find enter Workflow and choose Workflow Rules. Click on New Rule.
6.1 Select Lead as the object and click Next.
6.2 Give the rule a name such as “SMS Alert”.
6.3 Choose Created for the Evaluation criteria.
6.4 Select “Formula Evaluates To True” as the Rule Criteria.
6.5 In the formula box enter “1=1” so the rule will always fire.
6.6 Click Save & Next.
6.7 Click Add Workflow Action.
6.8 Select New Email Alert.

Step 7. Enter a description such as “SMS Lead Alert”. Under object select Lead. Select the email template that you built in step 4. In recipient type select Owner and then choose Lead Owner from the Available Recipients. In the additional recipients enter your mobile number in International format.

If your mobile number is Australian and 0404 123456 you would enter :

Click Save, then click Done.

That’s all there is to it! Test your new automation by creating a new lead.

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