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Setup users | Configure Security | Optimise Page Layouts | Build Reports | Build Dashboards | Setup Lead Processes | Setup Sales Pipelines | Configure Campaigns | Setup Price Books | Setup Products | Setup AppExchange Apps

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Configure Workflow | Setup Validation | Setup Approvals | Build Processes | Develop Triggers | Write Custom Code | Develop Custom Pages | Develop Custom Apps | Build Custom Objects | Setup Custom API Integration

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Classroom Sessions | Remote Sessions | Hands-on Practice | Contextualised Examples | Student Workbooks | Defined Learning Outcomes | Structured Learning | Follow-up Support

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The complexity of Salesforce implementations is dependant on the version of Salesforce and your business systems.

At Iconicity we will always ensure that we understand your business before designing your implementation plan. One size does not fit all.

Don't settle for expensive "standardised" implementations

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The true value of Salesforce is in the time that it can save you by automating many if not all of your business systems.

With the click of a button a personalised quote can be sent to your customer. When the customer accepts the quote a contract is automatically sent out to seal the deal.

Build a bespoke stock control application that automatically tracks stock movements, orders new stock and reduces stock loss.

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"Learning experiences are like journeys. The journey starts where the learning is now, and ends when the learner is successful. The end of the journey isn’t knowing more, it’s doing more." [Julie Dirksen, @usablelearning]

Our certified trainers will develop a structured training plan around your specific learning objectives. Courses can be delivered onsite or remotely. Course material will be provided and will include relevant examples in the context of your business.

Further telephone support is available for a limited time following the course delivery.

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